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Nepal has 8 national parks, 5 wildlife reserves and 3 conservation areas ranging from bountiful sub-tropical rainforests to delicate alpine ecosystems. Exploring these unique environments brings you face to face with an incredible array of wildlife. Nepal boasts hundreds of species of butterfly, birds (including the nine coloured Impeyan Pheasant), and mammals (from rhinos to tigers to dolphins). Chitwan is perhaps the most famous park, but all are worth a vist. We recommend that you take accommodation in either resort hotels or tented camps inside the jungle - it is the best way to feel part of nature.
Highlights: one horned rhino, Bengal tigers, Asian Elephants, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, fresh water dolphin, Musk deer, Spiny Babblers, crocodiles, Impeyan Pheasant, Giant Hornbills, and much, much more besides!

ROYAL CHITWAN NATIONAL PARK: Nepal’s most famous National Park is large and covers a diverse array of terrain. Experience mountains densely coated with Sal Forest and swampy flood plains neck-deep in elephant grass. Chitwan is home to the rare and beautiful one-horned rhino, as well as one of the world’s largest populations of Royal Bengal tigers. Hidden deep in the swamps are rare crocodiles and freshwater dolphins. Who knows what exotic sounds and sights you may see from the back of your safari elephant!

ROYAL BARDIA NATIONAL PARK: More remote and less visited than Chitwan, Bardia is a mixture of dry deciduous forest, vast stretches of open grassland and island-filled rivers, rich with acacia and silk cotton trees. Hiding in the forest are the shy herds of wild elephants for which the park is famous. For birdwatchers, more than 350 species reside here, many of them waterbirds. The rivers that attract them are also home to the rare marsh mugger crocodile and the gangetic dolphin.

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