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Simikot is located in far western Nepal, and is about as remote as you can get! Your trek will take you through a unique blend of Tibetan Buddhist and Nepali Gurung cultures. The vertiginous Himalayan trails climb up to a dramatic plateau at over 4000m. Still a traditional pilgrimage route to the holy Mt. Kailash, this trek will reward you with dramatic views and a sense of intimacy with Nepal like no other trek.
Highlights: The uncontrived nature of both the region and people will leave you with a lifetime of memories - truly a wondrous trek experience!
Trek to Limi and Humla via Simikot Limi valley is closed for the tourist but in special request like for the research or government people on request may go to that area. People need to fit for that trip because, it has high passes and narrow and rocky path along the high cliff so well equips. We will provide all things as other area for the camping because of that are does not have teahouse and lodges. We need to supply all things from Nepal Gunj by flight accept some vegetable.
Simikot is the district administration area for whole Humla. It is Far West north from Kathamandu. Fly to Nepal Gunj. It is one of the get way for the Mt. Kailash and Mansarover but the Nepali people who want to go for the pilgrim that part of Tibet the have to go this way other wise we need group visa like other people from rest of the world. So it is isolated area and still Sangria -la of the country. Cross over the high pass and in side the inner Himalayas with deep gorge and dry flat desert like Tibet with grassy meadows for the cattle. People are looks like Tibetan and speak Indo-Bramble language like Tibetan people do. Rich Buddhist couture with own separate tradition and rituals. It is land of where the H.H.H.Dhalai Lama had mediated once for the some time. Every three village have own Monastery where they go to prey and celebrated the local festival. Halchi is the big village in the valleys. They make wooden bowels, which is really demands in Lasha, which is made by Maple tree. People of Limi valley they used to do trade to Tibet to Lasha and other part of Tibet also they go to India and other part of Nepal like southern part and Kathamandu. They go to pilgrim when winter start and back when warm season start. They got o Dhrmsala, Sarnath Buddha Gaya, Lumbini and Kathamandu too.
When every thing all right fly to Nepalgunj stay over night at Nepalgunj and try to fly next morning if weather not good wait for other day. Fly to Simikot and start the trek but stay one night there and have hot shower till back same place for the proper shower.


Day 01 Arrive at Kathamandu

Day 02

Day 03 Kathamandu-Nepalgunj.

Day 04 Nepalgunj- Simikot

Day 05 Simikot- Yakpa pul

Day 06
Yakpa pul- Dhinga

Day 07 Dhinga-Below Shechi Lagna

Day 08 Shechi -Chumsa

Day 09 Chumsa -Talung

Day 10 Talung - Jhang

Day 11 Jhang - Halji

Day 12 Jhang-Til

Day 13 Til – Manepeme

Day14 Manepeme - Hilsa

Day15 Hilsa-Yari

Day16 Yari -Muchu

Day 17 Muchu -Salle Khola

Day 18
Salle Khola - Dadaphoya

Day 19 Dadaphoya - Simikot

Day 20 Simikot - Nepalgunj- Kathamandu

If you would like to have an itinerary in details please contact us at Mountain Club

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