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Nestled between the Kingdoms of Bhutan and Nepal is a little known region called Sikkim. Now a province of India, Sikkim was an independent Kingdom until 1952 and is the overland gateway to Bhutan. Although the region has been populated by a huge range of Himalayan ethnicities Sikkim is still predominantly Buddhist. Famed for its amazing array of flora and fauna, our trips here offer all levels of trekker an intimate and beautiful mountain experience. Apart from seeing the 3rd highest mountain, Kanchenjunga up close you will meander through stands of Buddhist prayer flags, idyllic villages and lush forests full of colorful butterflies.
Highlights: Panoramic views of Kanchenjunga, unspoilt Tibetan villages and culture, beautiful mountain vistas, giant butterflies fluttering through old growth forests.


Gantok is the capital of Sikkim with an excellent view of Kanchanjunga range, overflowing with ancient temples, monasteries, and narrow colorful bazaar. The pleasure of trekking through the interiors of Sikkim and Darjeeling, the rare privilege of experiencing the Majestic Himalayas in its noblest and truest from as seen from the different region each with their own peculiar characteristics.

Day 01 Arrive at Kathamandu

Day 02 Kathamandu

Day03 Kathmandu-Biratnagar- Gantok.

Day 04 Sightseeing at Rumtek Monastery, Do-Drul Chorten and Deer Park.

Day 05 Yuksam.

Day 06 Tshoka

Day 07 Tshoka - Dzongri

Day 08 Dzongri

Day 09 Dzongri - Thansing

Day 10 Thansing - Samiti Lake

Day 11 Samiti Lake

Day 12 Samiti Lake - Thansing

Day 13 Thansing - Tshoka

Day 14 Tshoka -Yuksom.

Day 15 Darjeeling

Day 16 Biratnagar.

Day 17 Kathamandu

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The Kanchenjunga Blue Sheep Trail | Panaromic Tour Eastern Himalayas
Sikkim-Bhutan Experience I | Sikkim-Bhutan Experience II

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