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Inner Dolpo

Dolpo is the best known of Nepal's forbidden northern border regions. The 1989 announcement that the government was opening the region to group treks caused a flurry of excitement. Phoksumdo Lake (3,627 meters) is the highlight of the whole trek, a basin of unearthly turquoise blue ringed by rocky crags and forest, framed by snow-capped peaks. Legend says a demons fled here during Gum Rinpoche's conversion of Tibet's resident spirits, offering local people a gigantic turquoise to keep her passage a secret. Guru Rinpoche transformed the turquoise into a lump of dung, and the disgruntled people revealed the demons hiding place. In revenge she culled down a flood upon their village, submerging it beneath the lake. The legend is a concise mythic summary of the ancient struggle between Bönpo and Buddhists; the latter won, but the former remain, even here at Phoksumdo.

At the lake's eastern end is the village of Ringmo, also called Tso. The town's entrance chorten has nine complex Buddhist and Bönpo mandalas painted on its wooden ceiling. The people are Bhotia and only very distantly related to Tibetans. They are gradually becoming Hinduized, adding Chhetri surnames to their Tibetan names.

The Bönpo monastery, Tso Gompa, is two km from the village, set above the lake on forested cliffs with views across to Kanjiroba. Below the village, a gigantic waterfall cascades over a series of rock steps, draining into the Suli Gad fur below. A visit to the Bönpo Gompa at Pungmo, two hours up aside valley to the west, is a worthwhile expedition.
Itinerary :
Day 01 Kathmandu -Nepalgung
Day 02 Nepalgung Juphal-Dunai
Day 03 Dunai - Tarakot
Day 04 Tarakot - Tarap valley camp 1
Day 05 Tarap valley camp 1 - Tarap valley camp 2
Day 06 Tarap valley camp 2 - Dho
Day 07 Dho - Shering Gompa
Day 08 Shering Gompa - Langmo Che Camp
Day 09 Langmo Che Camp - Sibu
Day 10 Sibu - Saldang
Day 11 Saldang - Ching La
Day 12 Ching La - Shey gompa
Day 13 Shey gompa - Sehuld Bhanjayang
Day 14 Sehuld Bhanjayang - Ringmo
Day 15 Ringmo
Day 16 Ringmo - Sepka
Day 17 Sepka - Roha Gaon
Day 18 Roha Gaon - Juphal
Day 19 Juphal - Kathmandu

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